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The Amplifetes Interview

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The Amplifetes

The Amplifetes Interview

First album was a great kickoff and what we’ve done this time seems even more like our own thing…

In 2012, The Amplifetes fans finally received a taste of new music, ‘Where Is The Light’. Finally, as we are approaching the release date February 11, 2013, the guys from The Amplifetes (Henrik Jonback, Henrik Korpi, Tommy Spaanheden, and Peter Ågren) take a few moments with SynthpopIndieRock.com. Discussing how they met and new song titles. This is a good read for old fans as well as new ones.



Zach: How does the new album compare to last album?
Album 1 was a shot from the hip, a musical mash with a rawness to it that we still very much like. With album no. 2, we wanted to move away just a healthy little bit from the club thing and write proper songs as well as try to involve a more analog, 70′s to early 80′s retro sound. That musical era has got a really great feel to the sounds they were making, and we wanted to try and grasp that to make the new album more vibey as a whole. First album was a great kickoff and what we’ve done this time seems even more like our own thing. As well as containing some catchy parts in there


Zach: Can you give up any details about the new album? Release date or song titles?
Well, release dates have a tendency to fluctuate back and forth and you never can be quite sure until the date has passed. With that said, plans now are to release it in January or early February 2013. The next single, to follow ‘Where Is The Light’, will be a song called ‘You/Me/Evolution’. This will be a commercial release, as opposed to the ‘Where Is The Light’ – freebie. We’re just now putting a video together for it and by the look of it, it will be nothing short of stunning… Then there’s a song with the illusive title ‘S.E.O.K.L.’. Other than that, the album has been recorded, mixed and mastered for some time now, so we are extremely anxious to get it out!


Zach: Any plans for a US Tour?
We are currently in discussions with the Americans to get the ball rolling over there, and things are looking good and interesting. I’ll just say that…


Zach: You have a contest running through the end of the year for the lead single ‘Where Is The Light’. (WhereIsTheLight.com/) It’s an interactive music video/video game. The top score wins a trip to the Arctic Circle. Have you been to the Arctic Circle?
Yes, I(Peter) have been there. There’s an old mining town up there called Kiruna, that has the most spectacular view straight out on the snowy plains and mountains. Truly amazing!


Zach: How did you come up with this concept?
I think the idea was to present a song differently than just the old single+video concept. A video game seemed like a much more happening solution for this first sign of life since our debut album and it turned pretty cool, we think. The reason for involving the Arctic Circle was that it sports peculiar light circumstances. In the winter, there is no sunlight whatsoever – it’s pitch black 24-7. Then in the summertime, it’s the other way around with broad daylight all through the night. Either way, a journey up there just seemed like a proper prize for contest involving a song called ‘Where Is The Light’.


Zach: Are there any other projects you guys are involved in that we should know about?
Well, we’re all music addicts and continuously working with different projects. However, the band is by far the most important thing for all of us, and to that we make no compromises.


Zach: Currently what is your top played song on your iPod?
Odyssén – Peter Morén (of PBJ)


Zach: Have you been able to catch any live acts this year?
To me (Peter), the most memorable live event of the year so far has been Miike Snow at Fotografiska, Stockholm. In part because they were good as always, but also because the fire alarm went off and they had to clear the building. Very unusual!


Zach: I am curious how you all met. Did you meet at Murlyn? Tommy, you never worked with Murlyn? How did you associate with the rest of the guys?
Yes, Peter, Jonback and Korpi used to work as songwriters/producers (occasionally together) for the now deceased Swedish publishing company Murlyn Music, so that’s when us three first got to know each other. About four years ago Korpi and Tommy (the Gothenburg one) got in touch through the wonderful social networks and started exchanging ideas over the net. After a while, Jonback and Peter were asked to join the so far unspecified project that, after a couple of songs was finished, grew into becoming a band.

And as you know, we’ve all been making music in different forms for some time. Tommy used to be active as a dance music producer and artist (under the name Stisch) and the rest of has been writing/producing various stuff over the years: Jonback has been working with Kylie, Britney, Madonna etc, Korpi worked with Grandmaster Flash and Sophie Ellis Bextor for example, and Peter with Swedish artist Tove Styrke, Peter Morén, The CocknBullKid, MrLittleJeans etc.


Zach: You (Henrik Jonback) have collaborated with fellow Swedes Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow. How did you guys connect?
We hooked up in the late 90s at Murlyn (Swedish production/publishing company) writing songs for superstars. As Peter explained, that’s where Korpi, Peter and me also met in the early 2000´s.


Zach: You (Henrik Jonback) have a clear knack for song-writing, guitar, & synth. How is your singing?
Oh, thanks for that! However, my singing stays in the studio, where I can tweak it to the impossibility of recognition, or as backgrounds only when performing live. No Stevie Wonder voice I’m afraid :)


Zach: Thank you for your time.


Here is ‘Blinded By The Moonlight’, a single from last year lifted from their debut self-titled album. If you haven’t seen their latest video, make your way over to WhereIsTheLight.com/

Interactive Music Video: WhereIsTheLight.com/
Website: TheAmplifetes.com
Twitter: @The_Amplifetes
Facebook: facebook.com/TheAmplifetes


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