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C2C Tetra Review

C2C Tetra Review Album

C2C Tetra

ALBUM: Tetra

C2C Tetra Review

Four ridiculously talented French electronic producers and turntable masters (20Syl, Greem, Pfel, and Atom) mix multiple music styles into one unique album, Tetra, which will be released via Casablanca Records on February 11th 2013.

You might have already heard a few of these songs last year when they released Down The Road, EP. Tetra is the groups first full length album, which may seem surprising at first, considering they have been making music together since 1998. But there is an emergence of dj’s, or better yet, remix artists, that are moving beyond reworking a song into writing them. It is a process that has shaken the way I typically like to enjoy an album. Usually, I look at how an album plays, start to finish, obsessing on how each song transitions from one song into another. This album plays more like a well planned mixtape that incorporates countless genres into its 14 songs.

Tetra raised the bar of what a scratch album should sound like. The genre bending mixtape approach is only as good as the sounds being sampled. Luckily for C2C this album is successful, elevating what it means to “mix a song.”

The album is a tapestry of genres, Opening with ‘The Cell’ which is quiet but intense. The flute and piano are beautiful.

Along with the bluesy ‘Down The Road’, ‘Happy’ are both stars of the album. Happy‘s extraordinary gospel tones dig deep turning this song into modern Motown.Don’t let the proclamation of this song not being gospel fool you. Clearly it is.

Airy pop songs, such as ‘Genius’ sprinkle the album while ‘La Banquet’ and ‘FUYA’ have the middle eastern sounds that are being found interwoven into more and more music. ‘Because of You’ is the only song on the album that sounds like a “typical” song. It is mixed well, but doesn’t have the sound of vinyl being scratched, which is otherwise a staple in the album.

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